By Jessica Wettig

For Netflix users, the video-streaming empire graced us with the gift of the third and final season of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events Jan. 1. As highly-anticipated as it was, it left many questions unanswered.

Season 2 left us with Klaus and Violet Baudelaire about to ride off a cliff in the wagon that Olaf’s crew disconnected from their car.

Of course, Violet put on her thinking ribbon and managed to invent something just-in-time to save them. Given the nature of the show, I can accept this highly unrealistic piece of the story. I can even accept the sugar-coating of the godawful murders Olaf and his crew has committed. After all, it is a series of unfortunate events.

For two years, watchers have watched the Baudelaire’s jump from home to home, with Olaf ruining things every time. He kills most of the people they care about, especially those who try to help them. Neil Patrick Harris as Olaf is even a better fit than Jim Carrey was.

When we heard this was the final season, many of us were relieved to hear this, as the show is quite torturous. However, the story line just felt rushed and complete with unnecessary events where they could have explained more of what the heck was going on.

For one, during the trial at the hotel, Carmelita hands out sausages that are “definitely not poisoned.” Obviously, we assume they are poisoned. It seems the entire audience is going to be killed.

Instead, they turned out to have too much pepper. It’s as if the writers inserted the poisonous sausages, and then someone decided it was much too dark for the audience. They probably thought kids might be watching. They didn’t seem to be too concerned when Uncle Monty got bit by a snake (or so we thought, but I digress.

More importantly, though, the show revealed answers to big questions without much detail.

They discovered the VFD library under the hotel, only to kill the librarian (Is that what he was?).

And that island, that it turns out their parents somehow randomly had been stranded on. The fungus, that was introduced all of a sudden.

The sugar bowl and it’s hype was also anti-climatic, since Kit revealed it cures the fungus. I’m not even going to get into how they connected the apple to that cure–as it was a bit ridiculous.

Olaf died, so that was a relief. He was once in love with Kit, which we also just learned. It’s almost as if you could watch this season without watching the first two, and be almost equally disappointed.

Basically, this season might have worked well if they added a couple more season for development. As it is, however, they should have revealed these bits of information much sooner, and spread it out over the plot.

They spent the first two seasons barely revealing anything but a new character to kill off for every episode. A classic like this is just better than that.