In 2015, a man with a dream opened up a gaming store for local gamers.

Infinity Comics Games & Toys, Eldorado, became a safe place for many people who felt they didn’t belong, or that they were just different. Fan favorites included hours and hours of games like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic The Gathering.

Richard Hendrix II flourished with his business for awhile. It wasn’t just gamers who enjoyed the place, but comic book lovers, collectors of things such as Hero Clix also enjoyed themselves.

But, life happened. Not everything lasts, or stays the same. It’s this night, Saturday, Jan. 12, with the rain pouring on last night’s snow, that he says goodbye.

It’s true the business had previously closed, but it recently re-opened for everyone to enjoy one more time. The last night is not without tears, but it is met with plans for the future.

Hendrix is spending the evening watching Doctor Who with his fiance, a journalist. The publisher of The Southern Skyscraper: Jessica Wettig.

The coming week will involve a fresh start, a move and many plans for the future.

“To all who have supported the business, we say thank you.”