The Hoot and Holler Band is a 3-year-old quartet that plays styles such as Country (New and Classic), Blues and Southern Rock.

Lead Singer and Rhythmic Player John Lingle said the four members met at a jam session in a pawn shop in Herrin three years ago, and the rest is history. Lingle is a native of Sesser.

Doing mostly covers, the band is working on getting some original songs produced. Lingle said the group is full of “perfectionists” who want to make sure a song is just right before they put it out there.

Lingle said he has always loved music, but much of his life he was prevented from being able to commit to a band because of his career as an electrical engineer. He was often on call and could not guarantee availability.

Then, three years ago, he accepted a new job that allowed more availability.

“I do what I love to do and have a ball doing it,” said Lingle.

Being involved with the local music scene, he stresses how supportive local musicians are for each other. They try to put out advertisements for each other, and attend each other’s gigs when not playing their own.

The band’s lineup besides Lingle includes Justin Womack on Drums and Vocals, Danny McElvain on Bass Guitar and Vocals, and Mark Cabeen on Lead Guitar and Vocals.

The band plays all over Southern Illinois, from Centralia to Anna-Jonesboro.

The band will be performing at The Spot Tavern this Saturday, Feb. 2. They will also be playing at Sesser’s homecoming opening night, and have an upcoming gig at Wooded Hills Bar and Grill in Harrisburg.