Nathan Bonner is a local artist who specializes in space adventure animation.

He said he got his start when he was in third grade. He watched a PBS show about the artist behind the strip “Animal Crackers.” He also said he’s always been interested in space and robot related subjects.

Now, he creates space adventure and science fiction, film and Noir style detective stories, and newspaper style action strips. His animation is homage to ’80’s action cartoons. Indavo is is a sci-fi adventure story in the style of those from the ’80’s.

His main projects include comics. These are called Indavo, Shamus Stone, and Cowboy Robo, He also has other animation projects on YouTube.

These projects take you on a detailed adventure, with a variety of space-traveling characters and high-quality animation. Indavo just celebrated in 15th anniversary in 2018.

This project consists of characters Racechal and Gauron T as space explorers that fight injustice. The plot includes space battles, mystery, mayhem and some humor.

Many local actors lent their voices to the stories, but Bonner is behind all of the writing, backgrounds, character designs, sound and animation. These actors include Sydney Ambos, James Ambos, Corrina Poole, Bruce Briddick, Kevin Ruthunde, and Brian Redmon.

Dope Bunny and Clive, Episode 2: Bunnies Don’t Talk, Clive’s Gotta Walk is set for release soon.