At the end of July, Orange is the New Black fans said their final goodbyes to the show’s 7-year-run that changed how some view criminals.

In its final episodes, Piper (Taylor Schilling), whom the show centers around, adapts to her transition to being on parole and trying to make it work with her prison wife, Alex (Laura Prepon), who has three years remaining in her sentence.

The ending was a bit vague, but most people seem to have the opinion that Piper chose Alex, instead of her current fling Zelda (guest star Alicia Witt).

This is a conclusion we have been waiting on for most of the series, although it deviates from what actually happened with the real story: based on Piper Kerman who wrote the original book with the same title. The real Piper and Alex weren’t even in prison together, let alone did they end up together. Piper is married to her original partner on the show Larry (played by Jason Biggs on the show).

Besides the final conclusion of the couple, this season tackled some new topics that stir a variety of emotions for viewers. Some of our favorite Hispanic characters, Maritza (Diane Guerrero) and Blanca (Laura Gomez), ended up in illegal immigrant jail.

The thing is Maritza believed she was an American citizen, but didn’t have her ID when she was out at a club (which violates her parole by the way, but that is never really addressed), and without any money on hand, she cannot call anyone for help.

She was able to get some of her former prison-mates to contact her mother, who said she isn’t an American citizen (How the hell do you keep that from your kid?) and was born in Columbia.

The eerie part is when she gets deported, they only show the illegal immigrants on the plane, and then they show them disappear one by one. This leaves our imaginations to wonder: What happens to a deported immigrant who has nothing and no one in the country they are deported to?

At least Blanca ends up with a happy ending. She is able to obtain some legal information about her rights, and opts to go back to fight her criminal offense (which voided her green card) and she wins, and ends up happy with her boyfriend Diablo.

So, we learn that detainees are basically trapped, with little forms of communication, little access to a law library and are basically handed the short end of the stick.

Word on the street is there’s a spin-off in the works, and now that the creators have shown they are not afraid to tackle this issue, I wonder if it will center around our beloved immigrants.

I guess we will find out.