Local band Four Deep is taking a break after 11 years of rock music.

Darren Moore, who plays guitar, does vocals and many of the managerial tasks, said some of the band members have work obligations that have made setting performances difficult. He said they are not breaking up as a band, but they have canceled the rest of the performances for the year–with one final performance scheduled.

Moore said the band will keep practicing, as they may still do benefits when asked to do so.

The band formed in March 2008, and has only replaced one member since then. The current members include Jamie Lee, Herrin, on vocals; Stew Phillips, Marion, on drums and vocals; and Mark Whitehead, Goreville, on bass.

Moore said the band is super tight, both as friends and as a band. He said they don’t have egos, they don’t argue and fight, and they back each other up.

The band is always trying to stay modern, learning new songs all the time. They also like to throw in songs that many people may not have heard of–such as songs that were on popular bands’ albums but never became a single.

Some of the artists they cover include Pink, Alanis Morrisette, Nickelback, Staind and Chevelle–along with many others.

Some noteworthy performances the band has had include opening up for Haelstorm at Herrinfesta Italiana. They also played the Moonstock Festival, and they opened up for Megan Ruger from The Voice.

Their final performance of the year will be Sunday, Aug. 25 at the Duquoin State Fair. They will be playing in the beer tent at 8:30 p.m.