Some local filmmakers are making a monster movie that might just appease your horrific desires.

According to actor Roger Trexler, Dark Threat is about vampires cursed to a half-century of imprisonment who are released in the film. Their release happens as a result of the death of the person who imprisoned him. Once this happens, the vampires seek revenge on the descendants.

Trexler has been into films as long as he has been into the written word. He said the two go hand-in-hand.

“I’m sure I used to drive my dad crazy trying to watch movies on KPLR_TV out of St. Louis on a television screen so snowy you could hardly see the picture.”

“I’ve had an affinity for the written word, and the filmed word, so to speak, since I was knee high to a grasshopper.”

Trexler said he’s probably been in at least 25-30 short films and four feature films. These include playing Dr. Dunkledog in Dig Two Graves, which was a local film that was on Netflix.

Dark Threat is currently in post-production. Trexler is also working on a low-budget science fiction spoof called Andromeda Invaders.

Dark Threat has many other local actors, including Karen Fiorino and Jon Rector. Other actors include Jackie Kelly, Mallory Echelmeyer, Karen Druley, all from St Louis, and Tom Kramer (Columbia, Mo.).

“Making a low-budget film is a struggle,” Trexler said. “Sadly, the reality is that you’ll probably never make a lot of money on your film. But if you do it with heart, and love for the medium, that’s a reward in itself.”

He said if anyone out there has the passion, they should support their independent filmmakers.

“The future lies in their hands, and they have far more interesting , creative and, yes, bizarre ideas.”

Another of Trexler’s films, Platypossum is available on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned for dates on Dark Threat and other projects.