By Stacey Diaz

I was planning on making some chicken adobo. I put my mask on and headed to the store. I was amazed that all the chicken thighs were sold out. A lady stocking shelves shared her excitement about finally filling the shelves with the bacon they had run out of the week before. I went to the creative isle looking for yarn to crochet with and it was empty. In watching some videos, dutch pour painting had sparked mine and my sons interest. I searched through a few online creative stores for a larger volume set of acrylic paints only to find many were sold out.

I realized at that moment that there were many voids left in people from the loss of jobs and living in solitude. It has inspired not only me but many to create. It can be tough but what we let go of creates space to discover, imagine and invent more. The more we have on our plates to produce, the less room we have to imagine. I have watched many satirical videos about having to disinfect everything. In coping with discomfort, we have the choice to either remain in the mind suffering or create something beautiful and/or funny from it.

In loss, there is temptation to find another source to hold on for security. People have been upset by the shortage of toilet paper thinking people are hoarding it to be selfish. Maybe those that are overstocking have been quickly filling the void of what they have lossed, afraid to face the pain of the loss.

In losing some of the daily hustle and bustle, nature has painted many of its rivers and skies all over the world clearer and brighter hughes of blue. Animals in wildlife are feeling freer to roam places they didnt before.

Beautiful handwritten letters, ballroom dancing, making movies, singing and listening to music …This is art, inspired by love. Love is the powerhouse of our creation. Creating love is our purpose.

In living by routines- doing the same thing repetitively, we can lose the need to innovate. Innovation is a necessity in the thriving growth of companies and revolution in our society. Due to the growth in online businesses, we have seen many businesses close long before CO-Vid19. After CO-Vid 19, many businesses have been forced to change the way they do things, seeing much more opportunity to create positions their workforce can do at home.

I have found myself looking less for outward stimulation and security and more within, challenging myself to embrace the emptiness. In doing so, I have found so much more to learn within myself and my children, seeing ways to nurture and grow our family in love. I challenge the world to embrace what can feel empty at times, continually creating beauty from our hardship, suffering and loss to be fully satiated with the fiber of all that we truly need.