While some shows have been placed on hold, Roswell, New Mexico’s Jeanine Mason announced on Instagram that production had completed its entire season before the COVID-19 quarantine began.

In fact, she’s doing regular Instagram shows. But that is another topic.

With this, we are in the middle of one hell of a story.

New on Mondays, Roswell ended last season with a huge cliffhanger. Our protagonist, Max Evans (Nathan Dean) had used all of his powers to bring Rosa Ortecho (Amber Midthunder), Liz Ortecho’s (Jeanine Mason) sister who was thought to be dead a decade beforehand.

It turns out, she had been in the same type of pod that our three favorite aliens had been in as children.

Rosa was stuck at that age (19 or so), and does not adapt well to the future. She eventually learns the controversy surrounding her death, and it just makes her emotional issues even worse. It’s clear that Rosa is emotionally unstable, but she also seems extremely relatable.

With that, Max has spent much of the season inside the pod while Liz and the others try to figure out a way to save him. She finally performed heart surgery, which had an interesting surprise from Rosa giving it the charge it needed because of her connection with Max.

After that, Max didn’t remember much. Thankfully, his memories were restored and we are off to another issue: the issue of what happened to the alien trio’s parents in 1947.

For those who recognize Julie Plec as the former producer for the The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, you will recognize some actors who stayed close. Actors Nathan Dean and Riley Voelkel (Jenna Cameron) were previously on The Originals. Actor Michael Trevino, who plays Kyle Valenti is a Vampire Diaries veteran.

We also ran into David Anders this season, who played John Gilbert on TVD.

Like the Vampire Diaries, the show centers around family values, small town secrets, forbidden love and the sacrifice people make for the ones they can’t live without.

But now, one of the most noteworthy characters shows in the 1947 flashbacks as Nora. Kayla Ewell, also from TVD, plays the alien mother who only wanted to protect her children.

We seemingly learned about a former Manes villain, Tripp, who was recently revealed as an ally who had a reputation of being a villain–as he was a part of the military who went after the mother aliens.

We are in the midst of our trio trying to figure out exactly what happened to their mothers. So far we have determined that Nora is Michael’s (Michael Vlamis) mother. Louise is the mother of Max and Isobel (Lily Cowels).

With last week’s episode, we learned that Louise may still be alive as well.

Is the show living up to the hype as the first season? It seems to be keeping us on the edge of our sheets, rooting for our favorite lovers and breaking our hearts at the thought of the aliens learning their mothers’ fate.

We seem to be getting some semblance of hope in the story, so let’s keep on watching for more.

The show is all new tonight, and will surely reveal more about this crazy story.