By Stacey Diaz

We have lived in a society driven to excel and often focused on perfectionism. Ive been there: when I was managing businesses, I remember pulling up that screen every hour to check the sales and: feeling that feeling of accomplishment.

But there was also a flipside, the feeling of immense disappointment in myself and letting my boss down when my results weren’t so great. It was ok to have those disappointments but sometimes we can place too much of our worth and identity on being perfect vs loving ourselves. That isn’t healthy.

Many people have lost their jobs temporarily and permanently. Businesses have lost their client base and some have had to close down. There are many people who have found joy and passion in their work. I’d imagine some have put alot of their value in the business that they do.

Today I remind us all that our value rests within our own hearts and with that comes amazing qualities that will help us bounce back and most importantly, become an even more compassionate and loving society.

Striving for progress is great, but striving too hard for perfection can be unrealistic and can easily become an addiction just as dangerous for our health as any other. Finding happiness in perfection is never lasting or fulfilling while finding the joy within satiates us and makes our hearts happy.

When our hearts are happy and we are not so focused on society’s A+, our compassion has room to grow. We are less focused on measuring up and more loving and accepting of one another. Love and acceptance is powerful. They light the way out of darkness, grief and suffering and into joy, happiness and healing.