By Jessica Wettig

Local band Lewis Creek, like many local bands, has been using Facebook Live to continue performing and practice their performances during the quarantine of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The band started in 2014 while lead singer and guitarist John Guetersloh was in college for teaching music. He taught his father, Chris Guetersloh, how to play bass at the time and became a duo for a time.

The duo are from the Murphysboro area, and the band is named after Lewis Creek–a creek that runs south of Murphysboro and into the Big Muddy River.


John said he had missed the old style country music playing on the radio at the time. He wasn’t enjoying the style of the new music as much, and was inspired to focus on that type of music in his band.

He said he was introverted as a child, but became a regular at a place called Charlie T’s in Wolf Lake. They would host a karaoke night. With the support of the locals at the restaurant, it helped him come out of his shell.

He said he always wanted to start a band, and finally jumped on the idea to do it.

Eventually, the band evolved into a three-person band, adding a drummer. Several drummers have worked with them the past few years, with Jeff Clover being the current drummer.

The band later added a rhythm guitarist, with Chad Bower being the current one.


John said the band plays anything from Ernest Tubb to Alan Jackson. They even toss in some modern country, and throw in some classic rock as well. John said it’s important to have a variety on their sound.

The band performs mostly at bars, and John said his favorite part of the performing is when people get up and dance. The band has a following in Southeast Missouri of people who do various styles of dancing–and it makes it all the more fun to perform.

With the rise of the pandemic and the government shutting down the venues, the band took advantage of the need to keep practicing. They would typically practice on Wednesday nights, so they began setting up Facebook Lives on those nights. Eventually, they decided to include Sunday nights too.


The band plans to continue to host Lives until everything opens up again, and then they look forward to getting back in the venues.

You can follow the band on Facebook to view their performances and stay up with the latest information.

Photo Credits: Crystal Kjellberg Photography