After the coronavirus temporarily shutting down many businesses, bands like King Juba are slowly getting back into the swing of things as businesses start to reopen.

Bassist Mike Arderfer, who is originally from Chicago, said the band was formed around 2007, with drummer and vocalist James Barnes, Carbondale, and guitarist Dave Parrish, who is from all over the US. Barnes and Parrish had been friends for many years prior.

The two played in many bands over the years before forming their own.

Eventually, Shadi Frick also joined the band full-time on saxophone and keyboard.

Arderfer said the band has been playing blues and funk all across the Southern Illinois region. He said he enjoys engaging with the crowds.

“Our best gigs are pretty much a dance party from start to finish,” he said.

The band has been known to play with blues legend Martin “Big Larry” Allbritton and harmonica player Richard “Rip Lee” Prior.

The band has plenty of gigs coming up for the summer, including a performance at Starview Vineyards on June 20.