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About Us

When I was a teenager, my best friend sent me a greeting that said I was her skyscraper.

A skyscraper is a tall building, that is taller than all of the rest. It also oversees the nearby neighborhoods. Now, we may not be a building, but we decided to be a skyscraper for the region by providing the best news in Arts and Entertainment in southern Illinois.

After dreaming of starting my own publication for years, I noticed that the news was missing events, local talent and rich stories of the entertainment offered here in southern Illinois.

Some people think you need to travel at least two hours to get anywhere that offers decent entertainment. But, we are here to tell you you can look in your backyard and find good shows, good people and great

Jessica Wettig is an Anna native and graduate of Southern Illinois University, with a Bachelor’s in Journalism. She has worked for several publications in the area both in and out of college. You name the story, she has probably done it. From the heart-wrenching story of a man walking the country in his brother’s name, to exposing college administration for their mistakes, she’s done it.

Jessica holds her ethics close, and is committed to keeping the quality of her work at the highest standard. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Sarah Drone is a Harrisburg native with a long career in news, expanding well over a decade. She gathers the public records for the Skyscraper, as well as many other duties.

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